Play To Learn

Ask any child what they like to do and they will happily answer, “play” and so they will. Playtime at Juniors is carefully designed to promote life skills, encourage peer friendships, promote problem solving, build social skills, teach conflict resolution using a positive vocabulary and build self-confidence. Indoor play includes puzzles, books, art and craft, construction, manipulative activities, pre-reading, pre-writing, drama, dancing, dress-up music, environmental studies and science (STEM) (STEAM).

“Wellbeing” means your children will enjoy daily yoga sessions as well as “peaceful” times during the day. Anxiety is such a large problem we face in our fast paced lives these days your child will learn how to self-regulate to help them focus on their own health and wellbeing. Your child’s day at Juniors will give them the opportunity to learn art (JAC), music (JAM), indigenous culture, (JIB) and JUMP (our fundamental gross motor and health program). Your child’s fine motor skills will be fine-tuned with construction, building with blocks, art, drawing (STEAM), and a strong passion on learning to think laterally through recycling materials to create masterpieces (JEANS).

Our community’s cultural influences and celebrations are also an important learning component to your child’s curriculum (JEP), educating children that they are part of a larger community with many different cultures opens the door of children’s inquisitive learning and explores those around them. This also includes your child learning other languages through songs, games and family input. During the year your child will experience many in house excursions. In the past we have had Carlos our African friend that does drumming with the children, animal and reptile shows, Musicians, Henny Penny eggs (so the children can see baby chicks hatch from eggs) just to name a few. All the costs of these activities are including in your enrolment. Emergency services week lets us introduce the Police, the Fire Bridge and the Ambulance Services to the children. This is a very exciting week with each service coming in uniform with their vehicles and sirens. School readiness is achieved within all the above activities. Math, literacy and science (STEM) is taught to the children throughout their day with open ended questions, spontaneous teaching as well as intentional teaching. Your child’s interest is what leads their learning.

It is our well-trained Educators that then create a holistic learning experience that allows the children to make their own choices to challenge their knowledge and experiment to challenge their skills and increase their confidence. Our school readiness program starts from your child’s first day with us no matter what room your child is in. Separating from you at drop off is the start to school readiness as well as being responsible for their own belongings eg bag, hat, shoes, drink bottle. This is all part of school readiness so even our Koala children are being prepared with school readiness. We offer your family an environment that is welcoming, engaging, respectful and professional.

As the owner of Juniors at Wamberal and the mother of three happy, healthy adult young men that are now of the age to go spread their wings to create their own lives I look forward to our team being part of your child’s village. For your child to find excitement and the passion to want to learn and the integrity and strength to be everything their opportunities allow them to be.

Debbie Payne